About Creator’s Keep

About Creator’s Keep

Creator’s Keep is a blog dedicated to creators and for those who aspire to start creating cool digital projects.

Its purpose is to encourage people to try new ideas and technologies, and to make things happen. To learn, to create and to grow together with the creative community.

To understand Creator’s Keep better, meet Nuno: a Multimedia Producer from Portugal.

Even though his professional experience lies mainly on web development, he has quite the experience on multiple areas on the digital realm, from design to video editing. Granted, he learned a lot of skills in college, but the ones he learned the skills he uses the most by himself.

Nuno believes that humans have an enormous amount of creativity and potential to materialize their thoughts and desires. But creativity and potential alone are not enough.

Getting the technical knowledge and the will to act are extremely important in order to make your projects a reality.

This is why Creator’s Keep was born.

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