How good is Infinitebook? An Honest Product Review

How good is Infinitebook? An Honest Product Review

What if you could write on a notepad and then wipe your sheet blank clean, like you do on a whiteboard? That, my friends, is Infinitebook in a nutshell!

Cool right?

As soon as I saw this Portuguese product, I immediately knew that I had to get one for myself. After all, I use a lot of paper to create to-do lists and journaling in general. So, getting this eco-friendly option that saves you money was a no-brainer.

I’ve been using my Infinitebook for two weeks, and now I feel like I’m able to give an honest review about this product.

So let’s get into it!

Reviewing Infinitebook

Which Infinitebook to buy?

I bought my Infinitebook few weeks ago on Black Friday.

My intention was to buy a A5 notepad (they got from A6 to A4, I believe) along with their Starter Kit, which includes their cleaning kit, besides the pen that comes with every Infinitebook.

Even though I saw in the product’s comment section that this cleaning kit is not needed, I went ahead and bought it anyway. After all, I was looking for the whole Infinitebook experience.

Now, which Starter Kit to choose from?

Back then, the Genius Starter Kit was on sale, so I got curious. This is a series featuring some of the most inspiring geniuses of all time on its cover, from Einstein to Marie Curie.

Now, the only ones on sale were Einstein and Frida Kahlo, and I noticed that their sheet styles were different: Einstein’s had checkered sheets and Frida’s had blank sheets.

Infinitebook - Frida Kahlo Genius Edition
Infinitebook – Frida Kahlo Genius Edition

I understand where these constraints come from, but I’d prefer Einstein’s book with blank sheets. But hey, that’s a personal preference, nothing big.

And so, I ended up buying Frida Kahlo’s book. After all, I prefer utility over aesthetic everytime of the week.

How does it feel when writing on your infinitebook?

Well, it feels pretty much like writing on a whiteboard with a thin pen. It doesn’t have the friction that you would have on normal paper. And I confess that I miss that, but that’s just my personal preference.

When writing, you want to give the ink few seconds in order to prevent eventual smudging. But after that you can touch it and rub it all you want without the danger of smudging.

Trying smudging the ink on the Infinitebook
Trying to smudge the ink on the Infinitebook

Also, the fact that every page has 220g truly helps on the writing experience.

How does sheet cleaning work?

The Starter Kit comes with their cleaning kit, which contains:

  • Sponge;
  • Water Spray;
  • Microfiber Cloth;
  • Pen Holder (not really for cleaning)
Infinitebook Starter Kit
Infinitebook Starter Kit

The cleaning process is quite intuitive and works as intended:

  1. You start by spraying your page with water;
  2. Then rubbing all the ink with the sponge;
  3. And finally drying it with the Microfiber Cloth.

And it works perfectly! You instantly get your page as good as new!

Infinitebook cleaning process
Infinitebook cleaning process

Well, almost.

Whenever you reutilize your page, you’ll notice that there are some writing marks on the sheet due to the pressure you’ve put on your pen. I don’t think this is a problem really, but I think that it’s worth mentioning.

Overall, the cleaning experience is great and as advertised.

Didn’t I mention that they have an app?

Well I guess not, whoops.

They have a free app that scans your sheets in order to save what you wrote or drawn, before you clean your pages again. You can then access your notes in their cloud platform and share them with other people.

Regarding the scan experience, I believe it’s alright, as it scans pages quite well. But while saving notes, I had some problems.

This cloud service allows you to add folders in order to organize your notes. This is a nice feature, but when you create a folder after scanning a note, sometimes neither is saved. This happened 3 times in a row as soon as I installed the app.

Also, it seems that the names you give to folders matter. I noticed that when I was writing Creator’s Keep as my folder’s name, this folder was created but it was also shared with some random people I didn’t know. But then I noticed that without the ” ‘ “, it works just fine.

Example of a bug on Infinitebook's app
Example of a bug on Infinitebook’s app

Overall, the app experience is ok and I think there is some room for improvement here.

Also, I would love to send my notes to other platforms like Google Keep, Evernote or even Whatsapp.

Is Infinitebook worth it?

After using this product for few weeks, I’m quite happy with my purchase, to be really honest.

As someone who uses paper a lot, this is definitely a solution to avoid wasting money and trees, and maybe this is the solution you are looking for as well!

Overall, this is a great product for sure that I’d recommend for sure. Though, I believe there is still some room for improvement, mainly with their app.

Thank you for reading so far!

What do you think about Infinitebook? Do you think this is something for you? I would love to hear your thoughts!

I hope this product review was helpful to you!

Until next time!

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